Parents In Aged Care And The Flu: Steps To Prevent Them Becoming Ill

22 September 2017
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It may be coming to the end of the flu season, but that does not mean that people are clear from the risk of becoming ill. Your mother has recently entered an aged care facility, and you have concerns about news reports regarding fatalities among senior citizens in aged care homes who have contracted the flu. Older people become more vulnerable to flu symptoms because their immune system weakens with age. Read More 

Getting in-home assistance to care for your disabled child

2 December 2015
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There are a lot of pressures on parents with disabled children to provide ongoing medical support in addition to the normal work of parenting and running a household. Getting some in-home care can help lessen the load on busy and overwhelmed parents and help the disabled children to get improved health results. In-home care takes two forms, including direct therapeutical support as well as broader respite care, which can include non medical care such as washing, feeding and dressing your child. Read More 

Getting help with home care for a family member with dementia

1 July 2015
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While it can be rewarding to keep your family members with dementia at home, it can also be a challenging job to provide round the clock care. Here are some supports you can put in place to ensure that the home care you provide is sustainable for your family as a whole. Alarm systems Having alarm systems that you let you know if a door or window is opened can help you to ensure that your house is safe at night, and you know that everyone is safely in their bed all night long. Read More